Crop Insurance


Protecting your bottom line from yield and revenue loss – providing protection for your crops. We help protect farm profitability. We can use your production information to help you find the right policy to fit your situation. Crop insurance is not a “one size fits all” when it comes to picking the right policy.

Learn about the policies we offer from Diversified Crop Insurance Services .

Revenue Protection (RP) – A Revenue Protection (RP) policy protects a policyholder’s income when the crop insurance revenue falls below the guaranteed crop insurance revenue. It provides coverage to protect against loss of revenue caused by low prices, low yields or a combination of both.
Yield Protection (YP) – A Yield Protection Crop Insurance (YP) policy, protects a policyholder against a loss in yield. A payment will be made when the actual yield falls below the yield guarantee, which is based on the insured’s share of the approved actual production history on the unit covered.
Area Risk Protection (ARP) – An Area Risk Protection (ARP) policy is a county-based insurance product that pays the policyholder in the event the actual county revenue falls below the county trigger revenue selected by the policyholder.
Hail (Private Products) – Provides a loss payment for any loss to the insured crop due to an insured peril.