Improving Your Agronomic Profitability

What is Pay Dirt?

Pay Dirt is Greene Crop’s comprehensive, precision data analysis program designed to provide growers, like you, valuable insight across your operation. Our primary goals are to help you find avenues to increase profitability and efficiency. Pay Dirt is not a one size fits all program – you as a grower will work closely with our Precision Crop Advisor, Bethany, to create a plan tailored to your needs.  We know agriculture can be a volatile marketplace, but Pay Dirt can help you determine the most cost-effective inputs and help you plan for profit with variables and uncertainties.

Bethany Bielecki

Precision Crop Advisor


Who is a good fit for Pay Dirt?

Pay Dirt can be utilized by high-tech farmers as well as those looking to gain insights before making an investment in ag technology.  We connect multiple layers of data to help you make the most informed decisions on your farm.  Our program begins by learning about your operation, where you succeed, what hardships you face, and why you’re passionate about what you’re doing.  Then, we’ll take an in-depth look at your collected data and develop goals and action items tailored to you.

Money grows in rows - let us help your dirt pay YOU!

See How Pay Dirt Will Work For You

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Maximize Profits

Do you worry how to invest in your operation to see the maximum return?

Pay Dirt offers a complete, beginning-to-end guide showing you where you are most profitable and where we can make improvements.  Our advanced analytics will make it clear what tactics are most financially successful on your operation

Data Driven Insights

Do you feel you are utilizing all your collected data in the most efficient way?

We know data can be tough to manage, but our team of agronomic advisors can help you organize your data and use it to pinpoint areas of improvement as well as provide clear, reliable financials for your farming operation.

Operation Management

Do you worry how to invest in your operation to see the maximum return?

Don’t spend another year worrying about your outcome.  Logical farm management strategies will combine agronomic and economic solutions, such as “Learning Blocks”, to deliver the optimum output for your farm.

Yield Efficiency

Do you ever wonder if you are being as efficient as possible?

Our Pay Dirt Program combines profitability, inputs, fertility, and operations to easily show where a grower can improve yield efficiency.  

Dataview Mobile

In this market it is crucial to know where in your field you can maximize yield or manage inputs. With DataView Mobile app, you can not only see where a field is profitable, you can also pin specific areas in your field to share with your agronomic advisor to have agronomic and economic discussions.