Agronomy Solutions

Identify the problem and determine the solution – Crop disease, crop deficiencies, and plant pests can rob bushels but we help find solutions to protect your land and crops.

Start with a soil analysis to maximize your return from input dollars. We offer a professional soil sampling program and fix the issues that have kept production from reaching the next level. Fields are broken into management zones based on soil type and field history. Recommendations are based on moving toward balanced soil fertility while feeding the upcoming crops to reach your goals. With every zone we are moving forward – either recommending the prescription for higher yields or cutting back the fertilizer rate where it is no longer cost effective.

Drone Services

Need help diagnosing or documenting an issue? Need field tiles mapped? We can help! Contact our licensed drone pilot, Nathan Bush, for a complimentary fly-over or to discuss how you can benefit from our full offering of drone services.



An effective crop scouting program can eliminate some risks associated with yield loss due to unwanted pests. Correct timing of applications can be crucial for the effectiveness of the application, which can dramatically affect yields and profits. Nutrient deficiencies can also be detected with this years crops and future crops. All scouting is done site-specific and detailed maps/reports will be provided after each site visit.